Javamelts Display Box

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This elegant black magnetic display box has four sections and is filled with 14 pieces of each gourmet flavor of JAVAMELTS—Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Mocha. 56 pieces total- JAVAMELTS are individually wrapped flavored sweeteners made with 5/6g of REAL SUGAR, 1=1tsp, Non-Dairy, Only 20 Calories Each and are absolutely Delicious! This Display Box is sure to be a hit in the home, office, or at any catered event! It even makes a nice gift! JAVAMELTS taste great in Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino and Espresso!

Product Highlights

Made with 5/6g of REAL SUGAR which is equal to 1 tsp.

Non-Diary – any type dairy creamer can be added if desired

Only 20 calories each – 1 = 1tsp (not tbs. like other products)

Shelf stable for 1 year

Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy/Lactose Free, Transfat free, Non-GMO, No Artificial Sweeteners

Recommend serving is 1 to 2 JAVAMELTS in an 8oz cup of coffee, tea or cappuccino – Use ½ for espresso.  They deliver the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor without overpowering the coffee or tea!

Four Gourmet Flavors:  Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Mocha

 Having an EVENT?   What better way to dress up your coffee and dessert table?  No mess, no bugs, no spills, no waste, no clean up and NO AFTERTASTE!  JAVAMELTS are far better and there’s no comparison to the syrups, creamers and powders offered.

Beautifully, Individually wrapped for portability and convenience  

Great for On-The-Go!

JAVAMELTS are everyone’s favorite TRAVEL companions!

Unique, Innovative, creative, memorable and DELICIOUS!

JAVAMELTS look great in and out of their box!  Wonderful for home, office coffee service, catering/hospitality, travel & leisure and they make a GREAT GIFT too!

Ageless:   From Teenagers to Senior Citizens, EVERYONE LOVES JAVAMELTS -  there is no better market! 

JAVAMELTS look amazing next to the coffee and tea products offered today!


A portion of the sale from this purchase will be donated to
Island Harvest to help fight childhood hunger!